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Three and a Half Stories - Summary


Let's take a look at the stories as a whole.  What seems to be the main themes?  

The first thing that strikes me is the aggressiveness of God in pursuing failing humanity, regardless of humanity's condition or how they got into that condition.

The second thing this leads me to consider is how pitiful is our own righteousness.  And, how humble I need to be about pride in living to any set of rules.  I don't think I can out-Pharisee the Pharisees in keeping rules and Christ's stories are pointed right at the Pharisees. 

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Three and a Half Stories - The Lost Son

One of the most beloved storied in the Bible is recorded in Luke 15:11-24.  It is the story of the "prodigal son.”  He was sick of living on the farm. He wanted lights, music, action!  He actually asked his father for his inheritance before his father died.  Talk about rejecting one's father!  And get this, his father loved him so much that he actually liquidated half of his holdings and gave them to his son.

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Three and a Half Stories - The Lost Coin

Jesus continues his story telling in Luke 15:8-10 with a quick snapshot of a woman who lost a silver coin in her house, then searched and swept till she found it.  Then she was so excited that she found it that she threw a big celebration and invited all her neighbors.

I could never figure this one out.  OK, so she lost one of 10 coins.  What was the big deal?  And how many coins did she have to spend to celebrate finding the one?

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Three and a Half Stories - The Lost Sheep

 In Luke 15:4-7 Jesus relates the story of the lost sheep. In a room above our piano we have a Nathan Green giclée that depicts this iconic story and shows the ruggedly handsome Jesus carrying a black-faced sheep. I love it!

But have you ever thought about how a sheep gets lost? Now sheep aren’t the world’s smartest animals. They tend to pretty much follow other sheep. Their main avocation is eating.