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We want to welcome you to eChurch7 with open arms. We provide a safe space for you to belong, a church  where you will be valued and embraced. We encourage you to get to know our pastors and experience the warmth and acceptance of this online community.


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I have been blessed by echurch7 over the years.  Mainly, because it has stayed in place.  Let me explain.  During my years coming up I lived in California and other distant states within the United States.  There has been one thing I could count on - HWY 99 in Central California.  It was and is consistently in place no matter how far away my life took me.  The same rythmic sounds remain today as they did when I was younger and driving a '69 Le Mans.  That quality of consistency with echurch7 carried me through some rough years and kept me connected to Christ and the church life I grew up with.  At the moment, while I pastor three churches, I owe a debt of graditude to echurch7 for keeping me connected and blessed.  Thank you, echurch7...  Pastor Al Demsky


Cherokee Blessing - "May the warm winds of Heaven blow softly on your home... may the rainbow always touch your shoulder."