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Hi everyone,

My name is Calvin Redman (Cal) and I'm new to the e7 family.  This is my first newsletter, so I'm sorry if I get this all messed up, or use the newsletter inappropriately... :bigsmile:  I also come from a Pastoring background, so please forgive me if I ramble on a little.

Pastor Bobby and I have been talking a bit over the last few weeks and he asked me if I'd like to join the team, so here I am writing to you.  I'm hopeful that as we journey together, we will grow closer together and closer with God.

A Little About My Journey

God has had me on a crazy journey, and I thought I'd share a little of it with you, so you can know a little about who I am and how I ended up writing this newsletter.  I was born in an Adventist hospital, raised in an Adventist home and have served as an Adventist pastor in various official capacities for 7 years, until God told me to step away from it.  I have seen a lot go down in our churches, and a lot of good Godly people get hurt in the process.

During my time away from it all, my relationship with God has grown amazingly - I've still got a ways to go but it's been a great journey so far.  He has led me and taught me a lot about life and about other people's journeys.  In talking with Bobby, I was sharing with him how hard it is to find safe places to talk anymore.  It's hard to share our struggles together and help each other on our journeys.  From our discussion, I came to understand that the fundamental basis of e7 is helping each other on the journey of life and understanding God.

I find it amazing when God places me in a position to help someone on their journey, and that's one of the things I hope I can do here in the e7 family; helping you on your journeys, or in someway being a part of it, because to me, we are all family and in this journey of life together, so why not walk together.

One final piece of vital information about me; I like to think out of the box, and I am in my own estimation a little crazy. (just look at my profile pic - possibly below if I worked out how this newsletter thing works...).

Other News

Bobby, Chad (the tech guy) and I have been talking about giving the site a facelift, so we are shooting to do that sometime in the not too distant future, the design process is already in the works.  Unfortunately this may take a little while to get fully rolled out as I am not going to be able to dedicate all my time to this venture, as the bills still need to be paid :-), but we'll do our best to get it rolled out soon.

As a bit of a sneak preview, I thought I'd send you a teaser of the new logo.

You'll be seeing this and various iterations of it appearing on the website and we'll look to update the clothing store as well.

We are also switching our slogan up a little, so instead of "the church that comes to you" it'll be "church is where you are" quite simply because you are the church.  So keep an eye out for that too.

We plan to keep the functionality of the website the same, so you can post, message and connect with each other, but we also want to make it a little more up-to-date looking, simple to navigate and hopfully simpler to use.  Hopefully we can start getting it to be a center of activity again, so we'll work to post and connect as best we can over the next little while.

I thought we should give you a heads up to let you know what is in the works, so you won't be too weirded out if things change.

Anyway, thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to beginning our journey together, whatever form that may take.

Blessings to you and your families and I hope you have a great thanksgiving.

A Random Thought

I know sometimes it's hard to find things to be thankful for.  I've had days where it seemed I had nothing to be grateful for.  In those times, I tried real hard to look for just one thing, one small thing.  Sure enough I'd find something; something small and maybe even a little stupid.  Maybe it was my iPhone (I love Apple stuff - sorry Android users), maybe a comfortable bed, maybe a peanut butter sandwich when I was really hungry, or a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold day, just something.  When I found that thing, it helped me remember who I am and who my Father is.  It helped me remember that even when it doesn't look, or feel like it; I am loved and blessed.  Even when I have nothing I perceive to be valuable, I have a God who became a human and did everything in His power to restore my relationship with Him and there truly is nothing more valuable than that!

This Thanksgiving, I pray that you find some wonderful things to be thankful for.  I'll leave you with one of my favorite verses which helps me remember how much God loves me, and I'm SUPER thankful for that. Romans 8:38,39 - nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Looking forward to our journey together,